Friday, April 22, 2011


Version 1.0

One of the main challenges of design process was to find the correct balance between the height of the seating surface, the curve of the back support, as well as the shape of the forms that is interacting with the ground. Another major concern during the design process was, would the user tilt backwards while sitting in the chair? This concern was tossed out the window with the first full scale prototype seen bellow.

 After proving that this chair would not be constantly sending people to the hospital, the next step was to make it comfortable. Through trial and error, a couple of pieces of foam became the master mold for the back support of the chair.

The next step was to tie it all together. In the picture below you can see both of the previous two models smashed into one, but with one addition, what happens bellow the seating surface. Initially these ribs were created to imitate a solid space, but they managed to spark an idea much greater.

Ideation and sketches

More to come!

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